Our programs are also supported by mobile learning to address the key challenges of today's organizational learning.

We are developing all areas for a complete and functional mobile offering: digital content and different forms of learning in a mobile environment.

Enhance learning engagement with our mobile solution!

Use the power of mobile learning

  • Make full use of time that becomes very limited
  • Employees prefer short forms of training and training available when and where it suits them; learning in the office is no longer necessary.

  • Connect with everyone
  • Mobile technology is a resource that is accessible to everyone today.

  • Sudden increase in mobile learning
  • Mobile learning creates new opportunities, new types of exchanges through new formats and thus new opportunities for distance learning.

  • A new generation of employees
  • Today's new workforce prefers mobile technology as a central component of the learning experience.


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    CrossKnowledge Mobile Learning Solutions

    All digital CrossKnowledge content, created by experts from leading business schools, is mobile ready and responsive and accessible at any time.

    My Learning - our mobile learning app

    My Learning is an interactive mobile application designed to train and prepare your employees to cope with a complex and changing business environment. With the “My Learning” app, download all your content and access it offline, on the fly or in remote locations to study no matter where you are. This innovative app has the right combination of ingredients to help you achieve your business goals. Bring your learning with you!

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